Smart End Point Assessment Technology

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Smart End Point Assessment Technology – 7 steps to EPA success

Step 1 – Registration

Eliminates setting up roles and responsibilities manually, ensuring a consistent permission base, whilst reducing administration time and safeguarding against data protection breaches.
Importing user data from your existing MI systems reduces administration time significantly, whilst safeguarding against inconsistent audit data.

Step 2 – Checklist

Our innovative ‘checklist’ feature improves EPA success rates, protecting your reputation and relationship with employers, training providers and apprentices – giving you a competitive advantage over other EPAO’s.

Step 3 – Booking EPA’s

Our rigorous ‘booking’ feature automatically mitigates your risk of Conflict of Interest, whilst seamlessly scheduling appropriate resources or your End Point Assessment, eliminating administration time and costs.

Step 4 – Perform EPA

End Point Assessments are smart with SEPA: recording professional discussions, competency based interviews, summative portfolios, test results and observations; dynamically creating a paper free efficient and effective assessment environment.

Step 5 – EPA Standardisation

Using SEPA safeguards the EPAO from inconsistent assessment judgements which protects your brand from being damaged by poor performing assessors.

Step 6 – EPA Results

Real time results automatically alert stakeholders of EPA results accurately and quickly. This improves your relationships with apprentices, training providers and employers at minimum cost and time to you.

Step 7 – Audit Compliance

Smart End Point Assessment provides real time accurate management reporting data which means that you are audit ready every day.

Let’s talk. Only 7 steps, but there are many features and benefits for your business to understand.

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