Smart End Point Assessment

New EPA Software for End Point Assessment Organisations.

Purposely designed for end point assessment organisations (EPAO’s), Smart End Point Assessment (SEPA) is the first to market solution to manage the end-to-end process for End Point Assessing. Widely regarded as the technology experts in the sector, SEPA provides EPAO’s with a robust process for End Point Assessing. With features such as Integrated Web Conference Rooms, managing conflicts of interest and standardisation, SEPA will not only safeguard your reputation as an EPAO, it will reduce administration costs and travel time, ensuring that you are audit compliant and giving you competitive advantage.

The move to independent end-point assessment at the end of the apprenticeship programme is probably the most important reform in the changes underway for apprenticeships.

At the end of an apprenticeship, the apprentice will be signed-off by their employer as ready for a final assessment of both their knowledge and their practical capabilities. The end-point assessment must show that they can perform in the occupation in a fully competent, holistic and productive way. Also the assessment must be graded and the assessment company and assessor must be independent of and separate from the training provided by the provider and employer.

In some ways it can be thought of as similar to a driving test, but one which assesses ability to drive as competently as an experienced driver across a variety of road conditions. A test that results in a good, pass or fail grade.

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Return on your SEPA assessment

Return on your Smart EPA assessment

SEPA will return at least 500% more than your investment.

Return on your Smart EPA assessment

A staggering £125,000 saving on just 1000 End Point Assessments you complete.

Return on your Smart EPA assessment

Get in touch today and we will help you prepare your cost benefit analysis.

For assessing practical competence options include:

  • Workplace observation
  • Testing in a practical test facility
  • Workplace projects
  • Portfolio of work – such as Smart Assessor
  • Assignments

For assessing a body of knowledge options include:

  • Tests

  • Examinations

  • Professional discussions

    These could involve multiple-choice tests and be administered on paper or online – see SmartVLE for online knowledge tests.

For assessing knowledge-based competence options include:

  • Workplace projects

  • Projects away from work (invigilated or otherwise)

  • Professional discussions

  • Assessment of work output

Smart Apprentices is an award winning, innovative suite of technologies platforms purposely designed for approved training providers (RoATP) and end point assessment organisations (EPAO’s) who aspire to deliver outstanding apprenticeships and end point assessments. Use the technologies as a seamlessly integrated suite of products or individual technologies within your existing technology eco structure.

Smart Apprentices have 5 technology platforms designed to support you every step of the way; winning levy employer contracts, recruiting great apprentices, diagnostics and resources in Mathematics & English, designing bespoke employer courses, tracking progression of knowledge, skills and behaviours, managing 20% off the job training, monitoring gateway assessments with Ofsted audit compliance dashboards and integrating seamlessly with our end point assessment technology platform to help you deliver outstanding apprenticeships.

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